The range of services notary.


A notary shall:

1) draw up notarial acts:

  • sales contracts,
  • donations,
  • replacement,
  • life imprisonment,
  • agreements of commercial companies,
  • the establishment of an easement,
  • mortgages,
  • other in accordance with applicable law.

2) shall certify that:

  • personally signature,
  • compatibility copy, extract or copy of ID shown,
  • date of production of the document,
  • person to remain alive or in a particular place.

3) writing the protocols, including, inter alia, the right of assembly companies


4) store the documents, money and securities,

5) make extracts, copies and extracts of documents,

6) shall at the request of the parties draft acts, statements and other documents,

7) make other activities under separate provisions.

When you make a notary public notary is required to determine the identity of persons participating in activities, and the statement should be made on the basis of documents provided for by law.

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